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The secret weapon in this wartime comedy is Georgia Rogers Farmer as Peggy.  If they'd unleashed this bombshell in the war, it would have been over in an instant.  With perfect pin-up girl looks, a killer way with a song and unbridled comic enthusiasm, Rogers Farmer propels every number.

​Throughout both acts there were touchingly sweet moments that allowed Farmer's epic voice and presence to soar...

RVArt Review

Your cabaret was so fun!  You are a mix of Paula Dean, Judy Garland and Marilyn Monroe!


Her cabaret is like a party in the living room amongst friends that just gets bigger and bigger!

Random Amazing Lady in Richmond CenterStage Lobby

Let me pause for a moment to admire Georgia Rogers Farmer’s voice. What a set of pipes this lady has. She can belt ‘em out with the best of them, or switch gears and slide into a beautiful ballad. And she’s also a good sport...

For WCVE Public Rado, John Porter

...the talented Georgia Rogers Farmer, in multiple female roles, saves the musical day with her renderings of period tunes that punctuate the story.

Weaving together such a variety was accomplished through her unique storytelling and handing out baked goods and other treats in the intimate venue of RTP. The whole experience made me feel like we were gathering with friends at home sharing a few drinks and a few laughs over some possibly embellished tales...

Georgia Rogers Farmer is a smash and a half...

...Georgia Rogers Farmer is assured and enthusiastic

Richmond Times Dispatch

The musical star of this production is Georgia Rogers Farmer as Heidi without a doubt, and boy, she is a hoot, too!...her vocal prowess left me pleasantly stunned.

I am in awe of you. I am inspired by you. I am rendered with feelings of inadequacy by you and {gulp} maybe just a little bit, a tiny bit, an eensy bit envious! You were just AMAZING in your "Lies My Martini Told Me" Cabaret. You know, you have a marvelously versatile and powerful voice, but there are lots of wonderful singers in the world. What makes you stand out is what you do with your songs, your vocal techniques and selections (where do you find that stuff!!!), your acting of them, and especially your TIMING! Oh wow. What timing you have, Georgia Farmer. You are a funny woman. Your banter!!! I have no words. Funny, funny, funny. Dry. Hilarious. Spontaneous. Well, I found a few words. But they do not do you justice.​

Anonymous email

Farmer's flawless delivery of the bittersweet show-stopper...Farmer is the vocal star here...

Style Weekly

If you are planning an event, you cannot go wrong with a Cabaret starring Georgia...she also has the unique ability to engage people with her quick wit and open approachability.  Often, her improvisational banter with the audience leads to some of the funniest moments of the evening.

Temple Theatre, Sanford, NC

...a standout performance by Georgia...The audience gave her whoops of delight and much applause.

Greensboro News & Record, NC

Georgia's clear soprano spreads sunshine in her stylings...She commands the stage with an attractive joy.

Raleigh News & Observer, NC

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